The terms Yin and Yang refer to two qualities of energy inherent in all things. Yin relates to the night, darkness, cold, inside, stillness… and Yang to the day, light, heat, outside, movement. Yin and Yang are opposite but complementary qualities, just like the two types of yoga Elena loves, teaches and practises.

Both Yin and Yang yoga (Vinyasa, in this case) seek the free-flowing of vital energy (prana, chi) in the body to create and maintain good physical, emotional and mental health. But, each style of yoga is backed by a different health science, it is practised differently, and it\'s adequate for different moments.

Practising both styles of yoga helps us to balance the sunny, masculine, active and strong aspects for our beings and lives with those lunar, feminine, passive and gentle aspects. Listening and getting to know ourselves helps us to determine when is best to practise Yin or Vinyasa yoga.

"The practice of yoga is for me a friendly invitation to explore our true nature. It offers us an opportunity to creatively face life\'s challenges and to bring harmony into the world we live in and shape with our actions.

Beyond their undeniable health benefits, each asana, each breath, each moment of mindfulness has in itself the potential for transformation".

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Yin yoga

We live in demanding societies that are taxing to our systems and create unbalance in our lives at different levels. Yin yoga aims to counterbalance this tendency.

Yin yoga is a gentle, intense, loving and meditative practice with a subtle but powerful effect at the physical, emotional and mental levels.

  • In yin yoga...

    We relax our muscles completely and hold the poses for several minutes so we can target directly the body’s connective tissues: tendons, ligaments and fascia. This brings juiciness to our joints, health to our internal organs and balance to our mind and emotions. Yin yoga is based in Traditional Chinese Medicine.

    In her Yin yoga sessions, Elena tends to include a seasonal element, as well as teachings from Buddhism and Daoism to invite us to:

    • Trust, let go and access a deep state of relaxation
    • Get in touch with our inner vulnerability so our strengths can be revealed
    • Become aware of our own limits and the relationship we have with our comfort zone
    • Respond with awareness and self-respect to whatever emerges at each moment
    • Understand this beautiful practice that helps us to better comprehend ourselves
  • Benefits of Yin Yoga

    Yin yoga has a positive effect on our joints, fascias and main internal organs. It also helps us to balance our emotions and to be aware of those impulses that lead us to take specific actions. Yin yoga harmonises us with nature and with the seasonal changes of the year, which improves our overall health.

    More on the benefits of Yin yoga.


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Vinyasa yoga

Vinyasa yoga is a dynamic and vigorous yoga style where creative asana sequences are combined with conscious breathing. This way of practising generates heat, creates a synergy between strength and energy in the body and boosts balance and flexibility.

Each Vinyasa session includes different degrees of intensity to be accessible to everyone.

  • In Vinyasa yoga...

    We engage our muscles to protect our joints and use relatively rapid asana sequences synchronised with our breathing. This practice makes us feel more energised, flexible and strong. Vinyasa (Hatha) yoga is based in Ayurveda, the ancient Indian health science.

    Vinyasa yoga challenges us and demands strength while Yin yoga invites us to pause, let go and relax. But there is always Yin in Yang and vice versa: Vinyasa yoga can be comforting when we move through asanas which are familiar to us, while Yin yoga can take us to unknown territories beyond our comfort zones since we are exploring the deepest layers of our body and our mind.

  • Vinyasa yoga is for those who:

    • Want to improve their agility and overall fitness
    • Wish to detox and boost their body’s capacity to eliminate waste
    • Seek to counterbalance the sedentary hours spent at work
    • Need to strength their back muscles to avoid/alleviate back pain
    • Enjoy the challenges posed by a more physically demanding practice 


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Teacher trainings

The 60-hour TTC will take you deeper into the theoretical foundations of Yin yoga. You will also get a series of practical resources so you can teach or practice on your own in a safe and beneficial way. It is recommended for: yoga teachers who wish to add this technique to their classes, yoga practitioners looking for a global vision of the various elements that make up the practice of Yin, sportspeople who want to complement the strength their sport already brings into their lives with flexibility, yogis and yoginis who need a gentler or more meditative practice on a temporary or permanent basis.

Upcoming dates:

  • Sevilla 17-18-19 March / 24-25-26 March 2023 in Lemon Yoga Sevilla
  • Barcelona 3-4 / 10-11 / 24-25 June / 2023 in Yogaia Barcelona
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Therapeutic approach

This individual Yin and Yang yoga sessions are a great way to harness the therapeutic power of yoga. I offer them online, no travel required. After a telephone consultation, I design, especially for you, a pack of 5 sessions in which you can practice yoga based on your real needs in the short, medium and long term. You will mobilize, relax or strengthen areas of your body where there may be limited movement, tension or weakness. Yin yoga works at the level of deep connective tissue, while Yang (Vinyasa or Hatha) yoga puts the muscles to work. Together they help:

  • Alleviate specific or historical ailments
  • Undo tensions in localized areas
  • Counteract stiffness and increase range of motion
  • Exercise the muscles to protect or strengthen
  • Correct bad postural habits
  • Generate physical well-being that has a positive impact on your mental and emotional state
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Yoga retreats

Come and spend a weekend in a beautiful house and in good company. The Yin and Vinyasa yoga sessions, specially designed for each season, will make you deeply tune in to nature and awaken your innate wisdom to live in a happier body, with a calmer heart and a more expansive mind. Also:

  • One activity in nature (kayaking, hiking, forest baths, paddle surfing, etc.)
  • Meditations and pranayamas
  • Time for silence and reflection
  • Thematic workshops
  • Group dynamics and Circle of Fire
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Yoga for beginners

Specially designed for people who have the desire to explore yoga from its foundations and to incorporate its benefits in their daily lives, this course is structured in five 1.5 hour private sessions adapted to your needs and pace.

In this course, you’ll find out how to:

  • Release tensions to feel better in your body
  • Improve your breathing to have more energy available
  • Learn to relax to stay happier
  • Increase your concentration and calm your mind
  • Do different yoga poses and integrate their benefits
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Yoga in the workplace /
Corporate events

It’s been proven that yoga improves the quality of life in the workplace. Tension tends to build up during the working day and have a negative impact on the person’s body and state of mind. Among the positive effects of yoga in the workplace are stress reduction and an improvement of the overall physical condition.

These 1-hour long yoga sessions are offered weekly to a group or an individual, or as a one-off during corporate events.

Corporate yoga

Private yoga
sessions (in person/online)

Yoga sessions for one person or a small group of friends. Ideal for those who:

  • Can’t make it to a studio but wish to participate in guided sessions
  • Are recovering from an injury and need special yoga classes
  • Want to deepen their yoga practice
  • Have never done yoga before and want personal attention to get started
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