Yin yoga and Live Music for the Equinox

Taller Yin yoga y Música en Vivo

Two days after the Spring equinox, when light and darkness share the same duration in the sky, this workshop invites us to take the time to leave our wintery mood and start vibrating with the emerging energy of Nature.

It’s time to prepare the ground (the body) to plant seeds that will expand and grow, so this will be a practice of opening but also of grounding. Accompanied by the harmonizing vibration of the quartz and Tibetan bowls, gong and mantras, we will awaken the senses to the sensations of the body, and allow the flow of vital energy to nourish us at different levels.

The long-held Yin poses will target organs of elimination such as liver, kidneys and lungs. Through a gentle tapping on the lines of these meridians, we will help to bring Chi to the skin (the biggest organ in the body). The asanas will approach the totality of the physical body, providing an overall deep sensation of comfort and ease.

The therapeutic sounds of live conscious music will kindly invite us to connect with our inner self in a relationship of respect and healing. We will end up in a circle of songs, silence and natural presence to free our essence from everything we no longer need.

Let’s meet at a halfway point between day and night, going from the inside to the outside, to move into the new season with awareness and wisdom.

Information and bookings

23 March 2019
Espacio de Yoga Barcelona
25 € (20 € if you come with a friend)