Yin Masterclass with Live Music and Essential Oils

Yin yoga, música en vivo y aceites esenciales

This masterclass invites you to find stillness through relaxation of the body, awareness of sensations and enjoyment of music. Accompanied by Isidora Alegria’s live music and the aroma of essential oils, we will practice a Yin yoga sequence designed to release control and create calm in the innermost layers of your being. By activating the parasympathetic nervous system (regulator of digestion and rest) we will help the different internal organs in their tasks of digesting, eliminating toxins, healing and repairing. At the same time, we support the mind to abandon dispersion and excess activity and enter a frequency of clarity, spaciousness and happiness.

Isidora Alegría is a singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. For some years, in addition to poetic concerts, she has accompanied meditative and expressive practices, deepening our listening and intimacy.

The chosen essential oils will contribute to creating an environment of relaxation, purification and healing.

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17 November 2019
Myogastudio Barcelona
25 € (20 €  for Myogastudio students)