Seasonal Yin & Yang Yoga Workshop


Taller de Yin y Yang Yoga

Give yourself a full morning of practice in this workshop with which Alejandra and Elena resume their popular seasonal yoga sessions.

Spring’s vigorous and expansive energy will soon burst into our lives. To celebrate it, we offer you this workshop aimed at preparing ourselves physically, emotionally and energetically so that we can benefit from the opportunities for change and growth that are presented to us.

We’ll explore the important function of the liver during this time of year, as well as the need and benefits of detoxing, both according to Ayurveda and Daoism, the two health sciences that support Vinyasa and Yin yoga respectively.

We’ll start by stimulating liver function and cleansing with “active” and fluid Vinyasa asanas, and then come the “passive” and intense Yin postures to flow energy through the Liver meridian and its companion: the Gallbladder.

We’ll do pranayama exercises to oxygenate this important vital organ and, finally, we’ll be guided in a relaxing therapeutic meditation of the third chakra that will balance the emotions associated with the liver: anger, impatience and irritability.

A perfect pack to welcome spring!

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7 March 2020 – 10 – 13 h
Espacio de Yoga – Buscarons 7 (El Puxet) – Barcelona