Private and personalised sessions | Pass for 5 classes


Pass for 5 private and personalised sessions, you’ll receive the link to Zoom.
Payment via bank transfer.



In my classes and on a daily basis, I hear many people complain about old injuries returning, about back pain caused by poor posture during work, of muscle contractures and strains, or compression in the chest area or stiffness in general…

The relief to many of these problems is in your hands and you already know it: it is called yoga, but it is a yoga designed especially for your current needs.


In them I use a combination of Yang and Yin yoga specially designed for you, to mobilize, relax or strengthen the areas of your body where there may be limited movement, tension or weakness.

Yin yoga works at the level of deep connective tissue, while Yang (Vinyasa or Hatha) puts the muscles to work. Together they help to:

  • alleviate specific or historical ailments
  • undo tensions in localized areas
  • counteract stiffness and increase range of motion
  • exercise the muscles to protect and strengthen
  • correct bad postural habits
  • generate physical well-being that has a positive impact on your mental and emotional state


In my 11 years as a yoga teacher I have seen many people miss out on the therapeutic benefits of yoga as they follow universal alignment instructions which, often, do not respect the uniqueness of their own bone structure, life stage or specific ailment. But also because of a lack of understanding of how certain postures affect certain tissues.

After completing an advanced Yin & Yang yoga training with a therapeutic approach, I have gained many useful resources and tools, as well as the capacity to focus my experience and knowledge of yoga on solving specific physical problems.

While all my yoga events have been on hold or postponed (seasonal Yin and Yang yoga retreats, Yin yoga trainings, dedicated workshops, weekly classes) during the lockdown, I have been able to focus on developing these sessions.


During the sessions, we will not only address your specific problem with progressive practices specially designed to get results. You will also learn to modify classic asanas to better suit your sensitivity and needs.

  • First there is a phone consultation where you explain to me what you need and we decide if I can help you.
  • If so, I design a series of 5 consecutive sessions (one or two weekly, you decide) to address your specific issue. The series can be adapted according to your evolution.
  • Each session lasts 60-75 minutes of yoga practice and a brief consultation at the beginning of each one.
  • The sessions are via Zoom and I have a large screen on my side that allows me to see well how you are practicing.
  • As there is no need to travel anywhere, we can choose times that work for you.
  • The cost of the 5-session pack is 200 € (40 € per session). There is also the possibility of taking occasional sessions at 50 € / session.


If at times it’s not so easy to see a body therapist or to get a massage, it is easy to:

  • harness the therapeutic power of yoga to relieve new or old ailments
  • aligning your yoga practice with your real needs in the short, medium and long term and avoid potential injury in weak points
  • take charge of your own physical well-being and generate more health in your life
  • enjoy a practice that is precisely what you need to make your body happy